You Need Video. We Do Video.

Thanks for checking out our awesome little company. We set up in 2003, and we've been shooting amazing content and devising unique marketing campaigns ever since.

Over the last decade, we've produced four internationally distributed and critically acclaimed feature films, (and co-produced a further two). Along the way, on a journey that has taken us from our home town of Southend-on-Sea all the way to Hollywood, the Cannes Film Festival and back again, we've filmed everything from live shows and stand-up comedy through to business training videos and promos. Company director Pat Higgins has also worked on marketing campaigns for the highest profile clients, including the FOX billboard campaign for hit US show True Blood.

In July 2014, we will be opening up our services to businesses and individuals, to meet all of your video production and marketing needs.

The world is changing at incredible speed. Video is the fastest way of driving web traffic and getting your message across to your customers, and clever marketing campaigns are no longer just for the big boys.

Follow us @jinxmedialtd and on Facebook  and be sure to check out the new site when it goes live in July.

Jinx Media. You Need Video. We Do Video.